Lehvallée handmade textile is one of the rare producers of pashmina and authentic textile in the world controlling the the entire production chain. 

Opened in 2017 in Leh, the main objective of Lehvallée atelier was to create jobs, support women, herders, innovations and local economy. Since, we have provided skills and training to a number of women and local youth in weaving, tailoring, finishing and natural dye. 90% of our team is women and more than 100 women in remote villages are involved in hand spinning for Lehvallée. Our employees are all local, which means we know each of them personally and often our families are related. So, not only they are fairly remunerated but also we ensure their safety and wellbeing.


Delicate and meticulous, this operation requires knowledge and a lot of experience to transform the pashm or wool into a light, soft and robust yarn at the same time. Traditionally, it is the women who learn this skill and is further passed down through generation. Today, more than 100 women in remote villages are involved in hand spinning for Lehvallée. Their work is exceptional and we are proud of them!


All our pieces are hand-woven on traditional looms. The finesse and texture depend on the dexterity of the weavers, which makes each piece almost unique. Their hands are our wealth and their know-how, our pride.

Hand dye

Our products are 100% natural, organic, including dyes and colours, which is entirely done in our workshop. Most of the pigments used for dyes comes from locally grown plants & herbs such as nuts, carnations, lichen, rhubarb and others more endemic and secret.