We are an artisan based textile enterprise committed to quality, sustainability and positive growth in Ladakh. We strive to bring you comfort and well-being, and to everyone involved in the process, through products made of 100% natural materials and production that values environment and people.

We design, develop and produce high quality pashmina, home and fashion accessories combining today’s essential elements of style: quality, design, comfort and emotion. They are entirely handmade and produced from fiber to finished product in our integrated workshop in Choglamsar, Leh. Our objective is to produce locally, highlight local pashmina and weaving tradition of Ladakh and to revitalise this sector by creating jobs, by supporting women, the herders and their animals. 

Our collections are timeless, inspired by the landscape and weaving tradition of Ladakh, and designed to have a lifespan of several years, and to maintain relevance and quality over time. They are 100% authentic, handmade with love in Ladakh by Ladakhis.

Lehvallée pashmina, an absolute luxury

Our pashmina scarves and shawls are hand-spun, handspun-woven and delicately finished with outmost care and attention to every detail by the expert hands of our artisans. They are made from pure changra fibre, produced in the highlands of Changthang region. They will inevitably seduce you with their exceptional quality, softness, warmth and energy they transmit.

Our collections are sold exclusively through our showroom in Leh, and directly in France and European market under our brand “Yangdol” based in France.